How to Physics Formulas can be Memorized
Memorizing of formulas is a bit tricky, when an NEET aspirant knows that the syllabus is very vast. It’s become a very difficult for NEET aspirants to memorize each and every formula. If formulas are of physics, this means NEET Aspirants should remember all the formulas on their finger tips. This only can happen when NEET Aspirants solve problems by applying formulas in it.
Memorizing of formulas is a bit tricky, when an NEET aspirant knows that the syllabus is very vast. It’s become a very difficult for NEET aspirants to memorize each and every formula

NEET Physics includes, lot of formulas which really needed to practice and memorize it. There may be a few general reasons like lack of concentration (focus), less time and too much to grasp, or difficulty in relating which formula is used for which problem. Working on such issues is the priority; else aspirants may end up forgetting some really important formulas.  NEET Aspirants must know one thing for sure, that all formulas are important and easy to master.

There are some steps which NEET Aspirants have to follow, while practicing or solving the NEET Physics formulas:-

  • Scan Through and Familiarize
    In NEET Physics, there are variables which are repeated, like ‘r’ or ‘R’ is used for radius and it is common in most of the formulas. So first make a list and study which variable is for what, this is how you get familiar with them. NEET Aspirants should simply scan through them. Use the formulas in the numericals and solve it. Do not simply mug up.
  • Apply the Formula and practice the questions,
    Practicing  will help NEET Aspirants learn to apply the formulas in the right manner and in the right sequence at the same time.  When an aspirant solves problems based on a formula in this way, aspirants will understand how to use it and where to use which formula, continuous practicing of solving problems becomes easy for NEET preparation for NEET 2020.

  • Learn to Derive Formulas
    NEET Aspirants cannot memorize hundreds of formulas in NEET Physics together. The best way to memorize the formulas is to “Derive the Formulas”. There are some formulas which are derived from the other formulas this process makes the memorizing very easy.  A short list of formulas in the circular motion chapter or any other chapter in Physics will help you derive many other formulas as shown below:
  • a. d (diameter of the circle in meters(m)) = 2r ( is the radius of the circle in m)

    b. v (is the speed of motion in m/s) = ωr

    c. a (magnitude of the acceleration of motion in m/s2)= ωv

    d. ω (angular frequency s-1) = 2πf

    e. T (length of time of a revolution in seconds) =1/f (number of revolutions per unit time in s-1 /Hz)

    f. C (circumference of the circle in m) = 2πr

    For example,
    v = ωr and a=ωv
    can give you a relation between a and r
    a=ω2r so from two basic formulas you can derive another formula which you need not memorize.

  • Understanding the Structure and Units of Formula
    Consider, a= F/m

Here force is on the top as you need force to move the object quickly so it has an upper hand while mass has to be moved with a force so you need force to accelerate the mass.

Whereas, a=m/F has an upper hand but remember without force an object cannot move so it cannot be possible that mass is on the top. So here has to be something wrong in the formula.


Again, a= F/m

The unit of acceleration is a=m/s2 (since a =vω, ω =1/s and v=m/s a=m/s2)

So when you solve the units of F and m you must get the unit of acceleration.

Now, F is force and m is for mass of an object;

F=kg.m/s2 or Newton and m (mass) =kg

So when you substitute in a,

a= (F/m) =(kg.m/kg.s2) = m/s2

This is the structure and the units of formula, aspirants can follow this way or any other way to memorize the formulas in NEET Physics. It’s an easier way to understand the physics formulas more.
Take Notes
NEET Aspirants can also try to make notes
with the important formulas and stick it up on their wall or cupboard or just beside the mirror. This will help aspirants glance through and not forget the formulas easily in the NEET examination. Revise the formulas each and every day.

Visualize and Test Yourself
NEET aspirants should try to test them and visualize their performance. For example: Take couple of questions and try to use formulas in these questions, without seeing and solve them. If the answer is correct, aspirants succeed, if not, try again and test yourself and visualize your potentiality and ability to solve the problems in the preparation for NEET 2020.

These are the some ways to memorize the physics formula for the NEET examination. NEET Aspirants follow these ways in their NEET preparation and crack NEET 2020. The best and the easiest way to memorize formulas are to practice them with the solving of more and more questions thoroughly and sincerely, Practicing of questions on daily basis can only helpful in memorization of all the NEET Physics formulas.



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