In a statement to the press, the DMK leader urged the Center to cancel the National Eligibility cum Entrance Examination (NEET-UG) from Tamil Nadu. With less than a month to go for newly formed National Testing Agency (NTA) to launch online applications for NEET 2019, request to call it off in TN has been made. Stalin told about the issues of 49 translation errors last year, the impact of NEET on rural students in the state, and maternity treatment for local languages.
In a statement, DMK President MK Stalin points out that the number of students who wrote NEET in a regional language has decreased.


NTA is going to release NEET 2019 application form on 01 Nov 2018. The exam is scheduled to be held on 05 May 2019.

Addressing the Center, Stalin urged that Tamil Nadu students have been adversely affected by NEET because the examination is conducted in the local language, but in the case of any discrepancy, the details given in the English language paper are finalized. is taken.

This factor played an important role last year when 49 translation errors were discovered in NEET paper, thus affecting the scores of 24000 medical candidates. Due to translation errors, 196 out of 720 points were on the stake.

In a statement, DMK President MK Stalin said that regional languages are in danger because the proportion of people who take the examination in regional languages in Tamil Nadu has decreased, but the proportion of those who write the test in other regional languages has also decreased.

For this reason, the party leader claims that students are staying away from NEET in regional languages. While 90.75% students took the examination in English and Hindi in 2017, in 2018 this number increased to 91.82%. Maternity treatment meted out to local languages is damaging to students' performance, party claims.

Rural students are being directly affected because they are those who need to join the papers in the local language. Since they had to appear in a paper with errors, their performance was poor. Last year, only 39.56% students could clear NEET. Compared to states like Rajasthan, 74% pass percentage, Andhra Pradesh was 73%, Telangana 69%, Uttar Pradesh 60%, Bihar 60% and Madhya Pradesh 51%, in comparatively lower position.

Since its introduction, NEET has been a controversial bone in Tamil Nadu. The long-term legal dispute between the governments on this matter had left students in the haze for the last minute in 2017. That year, the pass percentage was 38.84%. Results in the state improved only 0.72%, which may not be language errors.

According to official statistics released by CBSE, who had conducted the NEET examination till last year, in fact, 24,720 students had registered for the Tamil language NEET exam. Language translation errors have affected them all.

Earlier this year, the government had assured that the students would get the centers near only their favorite places, and translation errors would be taken care of. However, the rule of language can be strong to refer to English in the case of an anomaly.

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