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NEET 2020 will going to held soon. Before that, aspirants are still in a confusion that how they make notes from the textbooks. Notes should be handy; aspirants make their own notes by themselves. They are for reference and memorization. Sometimes, notes will get so longer that, it becomes a whole paragraph rather than in the pointers way. In this way, aspirants get more confuse. They couldn’t find out what is important and what is not important. “Notes” becomes a ‘Paragraph”. Many of the aspirants are facing this problem. In NEET 2020 examination, aspirants mostly preferred, NCERT book, 90% questions comes from NCERT.
NCERT is the Bible for all the three subjects. In NEET 2020 examination, aspirants mostly preferred, NCERT book, 90% questions comes from NCERT. Notes should be qualitative not quantitative, helps in preparation for NEET 2020.

There are three steps to read NCERT:-

Thoroughly reading NCERT: - NCERT is must. NEET
aspirants prefer NCERT books, they are written in a simple language which is easy to understand. Also, these books are lucid and direct in their approach which makes it easier for students to understand the technical aspects of topics like kinetics or energy. NCERT is like a Bible in NEET 2020 for NEET aspirants.

Underline selective Points: - Underline important points and words with the marker or it should be good if it’s colorful marker. Points which are highlighted are easily for revision and helpful at the time of NEET examination also. In this way, making notes become easy.

Short Notes: - When one’s reading and highlighting is done. Now it’s time to make notes. Make notes in effective manner and try that notes should be short and effective. These notes are helpful to NEET aspirants while preparing and during the time of revision for NEET 2020.

Points to Make Short Notes

Color Scheme Notes
: - Notes should be in different color. When you highlighted important points with different colors of markers, this will easier for aspirants to understand and memorize the concepts in more than easier way.

Introductory and Explanatory: - In NCERT, concepts are given like; first, it’s given introduction and then explanation of that introduction. Likewise, aspirants have to make their notes in this manner. This sequence is right for note making. In notes, give heading, then, explain in one line and subheadings to explain the main concepts.

Colorful repeated concepts: - Highlight the important examples and concepts with the colorful marker. Repeat the colors with the repeated concepts of other every single chapter. The color sequence can be repeated to explain the concepts. This will go to help to aspirants in their NEET examination for NEET 2020.

Past Year Important questions: - Aspirants have to check past year NEET papers and see which questions are asked repeatedly. This become a duty of an aspirant to check every questions if they really want to crack a NEET 2020. Past Year papers are also helpful for aspirants in their preparation FOR NEET 2020.

Rounding forgettable things: -Some concepts are really difficult to understand for aspirants, which become a hurdle to them to score 700+marks in NEET. NEET Aspirants can use sticky notes to understand the difficult concepts for the preparation of NEET 2020.

Figure Labeling Function: In NCERT Biology, diagrams are given in every chapter. In NEET examination, diagrams question were asked for labeling them and to memorize them. Aspirants have to prepare for these diagrams for NEET 2020.

Space for new things: - As we can see some chapters are interrelated to each other. So, whenever, you make notes, leave some space to write extra things related to that topic. Whenever, you found out that this chapter is related with the other chapter so, that you can write some new points in that leaving space.


These are the some points regarding making notes for NEET 2020 preparation. Notes-Making is the most effective thing to crack NEET.  If aspirants make effective notes, there is no doubt that they cannot crack NEET 2020.  The easiest method for understanding, memorizing and revising all the concepts in the very easier way. NCERT is the bible for NEET aspirant, most of the questions comes from NCERT in NEET. Make Short Notes from NCERT, understand and memorize them for the preparation of NEET 2020 and study and prepare well for NEET 2020.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


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