For the second year in a row, Kerala has retained its top rank in the national health index, which analyses the overall performance and incremental improvement in all the states.
For the second year in a row,Kerala has retained its top rank in the national health index

According to the Health Index 2019 released on Tuesday by NITI Aayog, Kerala is the top performer with a score of 74.01 out of 100, followed by Andhra Pradesh with 65.13 and Maharashtra with 63.99. Uttar Pradesh was the worst-performing state with a score of 28.61, followed by Bihar and Odisha. 

Kerala, despite the decrease in the overall Health Index score, maintained its ranking as the top performer among the larger states. However, Tamil Nadu dropped from third position to ninth, while Punjab dropped from the second position to the fifth. The drop in the overall Health Index score in Tamil Nadu and Punjab is largely attributed to the decline in several health outcome indicators.

This is the second year of the index, an annual systemic tool to propel states towards undertaking multi-pronged interventions to bring better health outcomes.

“The Health Index is an attempt to bring healthcare to the centre stage of policy making,” said Rajiv Kumar, vice-chairman of the think-tank.

The ministry of health and family welfare has linked a part of National Health Mission funds to the progress achieved by the states on this Index.

In the last decade, millions of Indians were alleviated from poverty with significantly improved health system and health outcomes.

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