Tips For Biology
NEET 2020 is not far away for now. Aspirants already started their preparation for NEET Biology. Since the syllabus carries equal distribution of questions from Class 11th and Class 12th. Biology section in the NEET question paper offers comprises 90 questions offering a total of 360 marks. Preparation for NEET Biology requires aspirants to go through the NCERT. Concepts given in NCERT in concise manner and all the topics are covered in it.
In the Preparation for NEET Biology, it requires that NEET aspirants to go through the NCERT. Concepts given in NCERT in concise manner and all the topics are covered in it. NEET Aspirants can prepare for NEET examination for NEET 2020. `

 Analysis of NEET previous year question papers has revealed that the difficulty level of NEET examination is increased now, because of merging of AIIMS and JIPMER. This year NEET 2020 is not going too easy for aspirants, they have to work really hard for NEET 2020.

There are some tips for biology preparation for NEET examination for NEET 2020. There are tips for given below:-

  • Know Your Syllabus and Divide it
    Aspirants should know about NEET syllabus for NEET 2020 preparation. So, what left is just like Divide and Rule policy, Divide your syllabus, because the syllabus of NEET Biology is vast. There are 38 chapters combined of both the classes 11th and 12th.  Do difficult chapters first and give more time to important and difficult chapters.
  • Make an effective schedule
    An effective schedule is needed to crack NEET 2020. When and How to study biology.  For Biology, study NCERT number of times and make short notes simultaneously.  Study and Memorize all the diagrams and their labeling. Use flow charts or sticky notes for remembrance.
    Biology has lots of scientific names which are difficult to memorize, so, use some tricks to memorize them, helps aspirants in NEET for NEET 2020.
  • Important and Difficult Chapters
    There are some chapters in NEET Biology, which are important and difficult also , like, Morphology in flowering Plants, human Reproduction Cell Cycle and Cell Division, Reproductive Health, Biotechnology- principles and processes, Animal kingdom, Plant kingdom, Cell, Environmental Issues, Body Fluid and circulation etc.. These are the some important chapters in Biology.  But, remember always, every chapter is important leaving of any chapter is risking to your score.

  • Good Quality of Books
    Good quality of books playing an important role in NEET 2020 preparation. Books should be good in quantitative manner rather than in qualitative manner.  NCERT is a bible for Biology, most of the questions of NEET asked from NCERT.  But, sometimes, some questions can be asked outside the syllabus, for practicing those questions, Objective NCERT Biology Gear Up, a good book for practicing questions.
  • Practice Sincerely
    Practice and Practice is needed.  Aspirants should show their sincerity in practicing the questions. Practice 10 past year papers, helps to know the paper pattern and know about the questions came in last ten years.  For practicing, Past 10 years Papers: NEET THROWBACK. It includes 10 past Year papers and 5 Mock test papers.
  • Practice Mock Tests
    Practicing of Mock test papers are very important, aspirants got to know about the paper pattern of NEET examination, helps aspirants to score more than 700+ marks in NEET 2020. Practice it thoroughly.
  • Revise Everyday
    When an aspirant done with all his or her syllabus, done with all the chapters and studied each and every concepts and topics, done with the diagrams with their labeling, after everything start REVISING. Revise each and every chapter daily for NEET Biology, revise all the concepts thoroughly and memorize all the diagrams and their labeling.  Revise everything sincerely and thoroughly for the NEET 2020.

These are the some important tips for biology for preparation of NEET examination. Aspirants have to follow their schedule not in Biology, but in physics and chemistry also. By following the time management sincerely, a NEET aspirant can score highest rank in NEET 2020. Biology also needs tips like Physics and chemistry, whether, it is a theoretical subject. Aspirants needs to give all their focus on all the three subjects for the preparation of NEET 2020.

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