Master in Organic Chemistry
NEET Chemistry – The most scoring subject for NEET Aspirants! NEET Chemistry is divided into three Inorganic, organic and physical Chemistry. Organic Chemistry is difficult ones, it contains lots of reactions. The chances of mistakes and errors in this subject are minimum than of NEET Physics and Biology. If a NEET aspirant shows his or her small effort in their NEET preparations, so, they can score good marks in NEET 2020 examination.
If NEET aspirants wants to get good marks in this subject, NEET aspirants needs to memorize and understand all the reactions, equations and formulas which are given in NCERT for the preparation of NEET 2020.

Organic chemistry is completely different from the other sections of NEET Chemistry. If NEET aspirants wants to get good marks in this subject, NEET aspirants needs to memorize all the reactions, equations and formulas which are given in NCERT.

Here, are some tips for NEET Aspirants for Organic Chemistry for the preparation of NEET 2020. Tips to master in Organic Chemistry given below:-


  • Learn About Structure
    “Organic Chemistry” contains large number of compounds, NEET aspirants can arrange all these compounds into groups, based on their structure. Structure gives properties to the compound. NEET Aspirants should understand how to draw structures from a name and how to identify the number of bonds, hybridization of different atoms. This will be the good help for NEET aspirants’ for preparation of NEET 2020.
  • Strong Grip on Organic Chemistry
    NEET Aspirants should try to keep their grip on the organic chemistry. Don’t skip classes or lecture of organic chemistry. Some of the aspirants tend to skip their classes in the beginning and come in ending classes. Skipping of classes means losing marks in the NEET 2020. Organic chemistry is like pyramid, the top will collapse without a strong base. It becomes helpful in NEET preparation to score good rank in NEET 2020.
  • Work on your Weaker Concepts
    Learning Organic Chemistry requires problem practice. NEET Aspirants should work on their weaker areas or on the weaker concepts of that chapter in which they are weak. NEET Aspirant should attend the all NCERT question, Practice past year papers and Mock test papers, spend time with organic chemistry by solving reactions and equations for preparing NEET 2020.

  • Prepare Mind Maps
    Make a charts and tables for reactions of a specific class of compounds to master in Organic Chemistry. Mind Maps are the best tricks to help for all NEET aspirants for NEET 2020. NEET aspirants can start with “Benzene”. The important thing is for NEET aspirants are to do everything with themselves. Mind Maps should be easy and effective, so that, a NEET aspirant can prepare well in NEET 2020.
  • Don’t Forget Acid-Base Reactions
    NEET aspirants knows that the whole organic chemistry is full of Acid-Base Reactions. Which NEET aspirants have to practice it and memorize these acid and base reactions. The Lewis Concept of Acids and Bases reactions shows to NEET aspirants that, it’s a very important concept in organic chemistry. That is, the ability to predict where the charge is most stable. NEET Aspirants should practice all reactions for the preparation of NEET 2020.
  • Don’t Memorize the Concepts, Understand them
    Sometimes, NEET Aspirants try very hard to memorize all the concepts rather understand them. Especially, Aspirants are trying harder to memorize all the reactions rather than practice them. NEET Aspirants should try understand the concepts and reactions through Sticky Notes, flash Cards, Mind Maps, or any other memory- centered devices to remember the concepts for the NEET examination.
  • Take help from your NEET Partner
    NEET Aspirants can take some help from their NEET Partners. This will become a good help for aspirants, if they study together and practice together and score good marks in NEET 2020 together. This way, NEET Aspirants can crack NEET examination in NEET 2020.

These are some points or tips for Organic Chemistry to all NEET Aspirants for their preparation of NEET 2020. NEET Aspirants needs to practice well for NEET 2020 and make a strong grip on Organic Chemistry, work on their weaker concepts, Prepare Mind Gaps and try to understand all the concepts rather than to memorize them and prepare well for NEET 2020.


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