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Hey there! We are a team of MBBS undergraduates from AIIMS Delhi. We are part of a team called “Aim4AIIMS” which tries to help students, try to realise that cracking the AIIIMS exam is no enigma. The main idea behind the blog, guidance program and this study material was that students or rather aspirants were quite confused about what to study and what not to. Coaching institutions and competition books dump a lot of information to claim that answers to questions appearing in examinations could be found in their material.

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We would just take up some space to jot down the mode of organisation of the book. Each chapter starts off with an ‘Intro’ - a general one. Giving an overview about the chapter in an exam point of view. A ‘Synopsis’ for the chapter is included - it is not all inclusive. In the sense all topics haven’t been covered. Only critically important points and potential A&Rs have been chucked in. A read through all the synopses is recommended by me as a pre-examination strategy. Then you have a ‘Concepts’ section. You can find commonly misunderstood concepts and also those which form a vital base of the chapter. This part of the book is interactive and in fact gives away a clue to the students of how to actually confront a concept not understood. In other words, it also helps the student to build upon a method to learn concepts. A ‘unique’, we would say, addition is of the ‘Outside NCERT’ section where concepts both famous amongst examiners and those indispensable in the understanding of the subject and to solve numericals but omitted in NCERT. Finally there are sections giving solved numericals and unsolved MCQs and A&R. Again, these naturally form a small fraction of the possible in-exhaustive list. They should not be considered as a definitive fraction of those that would appear in the next year AIIMS question paper, but should be thought of as a set of questions, rather famous ones, that you are expected to be able to solve at the end of the day. So, as mentioned before, we suggest this book to be used as a supplement and opened once you are finished with a chapter or a part of it in your regular course book or material. Conceptual understanding would help you directly in A&Rs and indirectly while solving numericals. An important fact we would want to mention here is that the AIIMS Chemistry has got 60 questions, out of which 20 questions are A&R. Most of the questions in Physical Chemistry will be numerical based and with weird mathematical calculations too. In Organic Chemistry, it will be more of a sequence based questions where you have to imply the theory from different chapters. In Inorganic Chemistry, its all about studying facts as the questions will be strictly based on facts given in NCERT chemistry books. The secret of scoring in chemistry is simple – Have the mathematical skill like you do with Physics numericals and also have the cramming ability as you do with Biology. And we do hope that this book inclines you towards such study. Even if it does so to a paltry extent, we would be more than overwhelmed. Please share your views on the blog and do not hesitate to write to us. Suggestions for improvement will be gratefully accepted. And finally yeah, All the best :)

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